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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 17, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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end. >> she is against the police. hillary would rather protect the offender than the victim. >> breaking overnight. a new staff shake up on the trump campaign. >> a new twist in the turmoil in milwaukee. a police officer involved in a deadly shooting now facing brand new threats. they are told to take away their merm pride. ♪>> it is 5:00 in new york city. the sun is not quite up yet. we are up and ready to go. i am abby huntsman.
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>> i am heather childers. >> we begin with the race for the white house and the shake-up overnight for donald trump's campaign. >> the gop nominee is set to receive his first national security briefing today. >> garrett tiny is live for us with the latest on the trump camp and his rousingnd order speech from wisconsin. everybody talking about this one, garrett. >> rousing, indeed. heather and abby, good morning to you. the national security briefing will be held in the field office in new york today. it is expected to cover the major threats and concerns facing the u.s. around the world today. he will be joined by chris christie who is heading up his transition team as well as michael flynn. they are shifting people around all in an effort to fix the
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sagging poll numbers. they are continuing to build the image as the law and order candidate. trump made his pitch directly to african americans and how he plans to restore order. >> the main rick victims of these riots are law abiding african american citizens there's no compassion in tolerating lawless conduct for any one. crime and violence is an attack on the poor and will never be accepted in a trump administration. >> he spent a good chunk of his speech going after hillary clinton her policies as well as her husband. >> hillary would rather protect the offender than the victim. hillary clinton backed policies are responsible for the problems
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in the inner cities today and a vote for her is a vote for another generation of poverty, high crime and lost opportunities. >> we hear from the trump campaign he will make the law and order a central part of his message in the days ahead. >> thank you, garrett. >> donald trump promising to restore law and order, but just a few miles away a police officer now facing a death threat for shooting and killing an armed man. >> social media users have a hate filled firestorm online overnight. rich edson is live with more. good morning. >> good morning, heather and abby. thousands posted the photo of the officer online along with threats against him. this as the milwaukee journal sent fal is reporting reaction from the milwaukee police department. in it they are aware of general
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threats against the officers and the npd says it is investigating the threats. this as the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms have started the investigation of the building hand me. this was the gas station on fire and destroyed tuesday night. they are investigating how the fire started here, who might have started it along with several other buildings around town that burned on saturday night. the atf says although the fire started a couple of nights ago they are trying to figure out whether any of the evidence why people going in and out of the scenes might have been compromised. >> the answer to that is we are not sure yet. that is one of the facts that we will be looking to bring to a conclusion if the scene has been compromised we are working closely with our legal partners.
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>> there were patrol cars from the milwaukee police department guarding the scene along with others around town burned sunday night. this calls for the state of wisconsin to release the body camera video. the state is continuing its investigati investigation. police say the video shows the officer acted appropriately. aclu is calling for them to release the video to the public. >> hope things stay am. >> brand new details over the controversial $400 million payment to iran the white house claims was not ransom. the arms settlement was sent in a second cash payment weeks
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after the first. the u.s. ascended it no explanation why it was split up. the time of the release was purely co incidental. a sailor accused of a collapse will not be afforded the same leniency as he should. he took classified photos inside the submarines. he should only get probation since clinton isn't getting the same after per private server. devastation in louisiana. even more widespread this morning as the death toll climbs to 11. >> you can see incredible video of the ghocoast guard plucking
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child to safety. more than 30,000 saved from historic flood waters. >> can you imagine the fear in that child. >> some residents return to go the water logged communities to survey the damage. more than 40,000 homes are destroyed. >> the nightmare is not over yet. maria molina is tracking what to expect today. >> good morning, heather and abby. >> it is incredible the storm system just continues to sit there producing more heavy rain if you take a look at the radar. it is a similar scene to what we have been seeing. bringing rain across parts of louisiana and extending into portions of the midwest. a slow moving storm system. tapping into the gulf moisture. bringing in the tropical rain across portions of louisiana and texas. we can expect several more inches of rain potentially 4-6 inches in most areas.
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there is flooding in portions of louisiana and also through texas, houston, austin, san antonio we have a number of watches and river flooding, of course. many river gauges in louisiana reporting major to moderate reporting. temperatures today near the forecast heat index values will be better across places like new york. 89 further south in rally, north carolina it will feel like 102. >> now to the olympic games in rio. simone biles with a gold to
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finish her olympic run claiming her fourth gold medal in the floor exercise. alley rai aly raisman taking home the silver. >> sam kendricks making his country proud taking home the bronze medal in the pole vault. >> new zealand's hamlin with abby davastin okay. both women helping each other cross the finish line. >> talk about going for it all. winning the silver medal in the men's triple jump. heading over to the stands to propose to his girlfriend on live national tv and, yes, she said yes. >> good thing. >> america is still leading the medal count. you can see there 84 in total. next is 51. >> the time is 9 minutes after
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the top of the hour. the son of el chapo guzman kidnapped at gun point. why experts are warning it could unleash a wave of violence. >> motive for murder new information about a murdered dnc staffer that could change the entire case. >> donald trump making a comeba comeback. why charles krauthammer says why it is not if but when. >> she has been incredibly lucky. he kept stepping on the storm. she is not going to be that lucky all of the time. >> taking states when it matters the most.
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not just ...(dismissively) airline purchases. seriously... double miles... everywhere. what's in your wallet? >> almost 15 minutes after the hour. a glimmer of hope in several battle ground states thanks to third party candidates. gary johnson has 6 and jill stein has one. clinton has 46 points to trump's 49. johnson has nine and stein has three. s donald trump and hillary clinton two of the most unliked candidates for president in recent history. is there a window of opportunity for trump to capitalize?
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it's not a question of if but in fact when. >> there will be a time a week from now two weeks from now it will happen in which the headlines will have trump beginning the come back. his numbers will take up people who predict it's a swing. he -- she has been incredibly lucky. she is had all kinds of arrows flung at her. the e-mail, congress which is-- lying to congress which is a felony. he kept stepping on the story. she is not going to be that lucky all of the time. there will be a time they will hide them in the trump tower and these story also come out and she will be damaged. >> i wonder if trump tower has
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been at it because the fbi has been turning over notes. anna, good morning. >> it is a story that keeps on giving. some sengss are heavily redacted. house oversight committee chairman jason chai fit who thrilled them about not charging hillary clinton. this shows how dangerous it was to have this intelligence highly classified on this day to the ensuck keered personal severe where it was vulnerable. >> this is why the american people are fed up by washington, d.c. and the establishment the shenanigans that go along with the back room.
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it seems the higher you get up in the federal government the more you can get away with. >> the clinton campaign wants to. >> i think if mrs. clinton really wants them released i would challenge her to send a letter to the fbi to say go ahead and release them. watch how fast she starts to back pedal. the state department will release all of the work related messages the fbi recovered but they did not say when. it cou s to possible it could happen after the election. speaking of the hillary clinton campaign she will be in cleveland this afternoon to attack donald trump's tax plan.
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new fallout from gawker. >> cheryl casone from fox business with the details. >> this has been a public and ugly lawsuit with regards to gawker media. it ended up being sold to univision for $135 million. will this is after hulk hogan filed a suit against gawker media for a sex tape they put out on the web of him having sex with his friend's wife. after a long and public legal battle over this now gawker is being tosold to univision. a oo ford's futuristic card. >> ford is coming out with an interesting plan for autonomous
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driving. they want to have the new a autonomous car without you driving the car. 2021 which is a soon target. this is a commercial vehicle that will be on the road. it will be available to professional companies and eventually it will go to consumers. >> no staring wheel no pedals. taco bell is trying out a few things. >> wall street analyst covered this. the chris pee chicken chip. as you can see it is a triangle chicken wedge shaped chicken. tender but here is the thing who are they going to compete against? chick-fil-a. >> you don't want to do that. >> taco bell is looking for new ways to make some cash.
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they are coming out with the naked chicken chill loop paw. >> but they don't have the peach milk shake. >> my mom loves those. >> they are so good. >> technology and politics coming together more so than ever this election year but is the system rigged? a look forward to that. >> 20 minutes after the top of the hour. flag firestorm why our nation's bravest were told to take down the american flag from their fire trucks. >> plus, remember when donald trump said this? >> i rigged, rigged system. remember it. i said it first. >> it turns out he could be right. (climbing sounds)
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first." aaron hernandez laughing in court. he can't keep it together. that's when his lawyer mistakes him for another athlete. >> my mind, aaron hernandez, not rodriguez. >> that lawyer jose baez also famously represented casey anthony. hernandez is accused of gunning down two men outside of a boston nightclub in 2012. the trial is set for february. he's already serving a life sentence for another murder. >> el chapo guzman kidnapped in
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mexico. alfredo guzman salazar was one of the six men taken when gunmen stormed a restaurant in puerto vallarta. the kidnapers believed to be from a rival gang. jesus is said to be in part of the cartel. >> they are ordered to remove their pride. >> firefighter the being told to take the american flag off the back of their fire trucks. >> jackie ibanez has the firestorm that is to follow. >> this decision is only a few days old but it is already causing major controversy in the community and online. some people are saying it is all out disrespectful. it was a few weeks ago the fire department in new york put the flags on their truck. you can see one proudly displayed as they went to a
2:26 am
fire. the board of fire commissioners said to remove the flag saying they are a liability and a distraction to other drivers. they caused a heated response from the firefighters. he wrote what a disgrace the board of fire department are for the arlington fire department for poughkeepsie, new york. they are a disgrace to the district and the united states of america. the flags are removed in a somber ceremony. the union president said if we had to take them down they had to be taken down the right way. at the time when the country needs unity to do something like this is next to flag burning in my mind. the commune you tell also reacting. kathy writing this is disgraceful. i am an arlington tax payer and resident. to me they might as as well have
2:27 am
taken an american flag put it on the ground and stepped on it. they hope the reaction will help the board change their reaction. >> the time is 27 after the hour. donald trump taking to facebook making a pledge to the american people as fox news goes one-on-one with the gop nominee. >> do you think you need to turn your campaign around or are you doing fine? >> what do you think he had to say? we will have his answer coming up. stay with us. the new show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new
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♪ ♪ >> donald trump selling himself as the law and order candidate slamming hillary clinton and calling for the war on cops to end. >> she is against the police. hillary would rather protect the offender than the victim.
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>> the gop is set to receive his first briefing. >> get out. >> everybody down. show me your hands. >> security flaws exposed. how a false alarm at one of the nation's biggest airports is raising brand new fears about terror attacks. >> land of the free and home of the brave. how free is your state? "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> we hope you had a good night. we hope it is even better. you are joining "fox and friend first. i am abby huntsman. it is 32 after the hour. we begin for the race for the white house. donald trump set to see his first national security briefing
2:32 am
today. >> this comes hours after the gop nominee delivered his most ground breaking speech yet. >> both major parties will receive national security before the election. donald trump will receive the first of the briefings which is expected to cover the major threats and concerns facing the u.s. around the world. this briefing will be held at the fbi field office in new york. joining him will be chris christie heading up the team as well as retired general michael flynn. this comes after trump's major policy speech last night in wisconsin on how he plans to restore law an order all across the country here at home. >> i am going to support more police in our communities,
2:33 am
appoint the best prosecutors and judges in the countries. i am going to break up the gangs, the cartels and the thrill syndicates terrorizing our neighborhoods all over the country. i say your free reign will soon some kraching to an end. >> this speech was his most direct pitch to african americans. hillary clinton is not going to make those areas any safer. >> she is against the police. hillary would rather protect the offender than the victim. hillary clinton backed policies are a response to the problems in the inner city today and a vote for her is a vote for another generation of poverty, high crime and lost
2:34 am
opportunities. >> 82 days before the election and in response to the poll numbers they are shaking things up with the new campaign manager. chief executive says it is an expansion of the pacampaign itself. >> i can't believe 82 days to go. >> as you just heard donald trump promising law and order. but just a few miles away a police officer facing a furious death threat for shooting and killing an armed man. social media users fuelling a hate filled firestorm overnight. rich edson is live for us with more. >> good morning abby and heather. thousands posted photographs of that 24-year-old police officer who shot and killed that 23-year-old suspect on saturday night. there are also many, many posts about threatening him and other police officers. the milwaukee journal sentinel has reported on this and is also
2:35 am
reporting on the milwaukee police department's reaction on this. in a statement they said it is aware of general threats against its police officers and is investigating those threats. this as the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms is investigating behind me. this is the gas station burning on saturday evening as riots began in milwaukee. there are several other locations around town that have also been destroyed. we asked for specifications they have learned so far. >> often times speculating might show throw you off the fact of the case. we are combing through all of the evidence we can find so we can come up with the facts.
2:36 am
>> the body camera video of the shooting, the body camera the police officer was waring at the time of the shooting. those calls have been increased the american civil liberties use onare calling for them to release that. it is under state jurisdiction right now. state investigators are looking into that and will release it when they are far enough into the investigation. >> rich edson life for us. that you are, rich. >> we have bombshell information to tell you about on the murder of dnc staffer. seth richards father telling his son was offered a job in the clinton campaign four-days before he was sht and killed in dc. the 27-year-old may have been the victim of an armed robby but the killer did not steal his wallet. they float ted around the possibility that rich was a an informant. several stories tie him to the
2:37 am
dnc hack. >> panic sets in at one of the country's biggest airports. >> get down. >> everybody down. show me your hands. >> rumors of an active shooter at jfk forced two terminals into chaos sunday. nypd officers have problems with security, miscommunication and lack of responding officers. they are timely and classically sound but there was not enough communication with the passengers. >> turning to extreme weather now even more widespread this morning. >> incredible video of a coast guard lifting a child to safety as dramatic rescues continued across the state. more than 30,000 have been saved
2:38 am
from the historic flood waters so far. more than 40,000 homes are destroyed as some residents come home to survey all of the mess. maria molina is live with what is next. >> good morning. every morning i look at the radar it is one of the first things i do when i come in. it looks pretty much the same as it has over the last couple of days. not much has changed over there across eastern texas, louisiana and even extending into parts of mississippi with the boundary continuing to tap into a lot of prop cal moy tropical moisture into the gulf of mexico. we have heavy rain across portions of louisiana and texas. the forecast is for several moef inches to come come down here. we could be dealing with more flooding concerns. we have watches in san antonio, austin, houston and extending it into louisiana where we are dealing with ongoing river
2:39 am
flooding. many river gauges reporting major to moderate flooding so that's something else to keep a close watch on p. heat index values across the east coast are going to be hot yet again. take a look at dover. it will feel like 1303 this afternoon. it is better across parts of the northeast like in new york or hartford or 90 degrees later on this afternoon. for the forecast heat index values lighter than normal. >> staying inside today. >> as would be expected for august. >> 40 minutes after the hour. you have heard this from donald trump time and time again. >> a rigged, rigged system. remember it. why i said it first. >> why it turns out he could be right about this. >> she was caught stealing candy bars at a convenience store. then this happened. we will show you. >> getting ready to send your
2:40 am
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ends september 5th. see your lexus dealer. >> donald trump pledging he will ask -- donald trump posted i will fight to make sure every american is treated equally protected equally and honored equally. we will reject bigotry and hatred and oppression in all of its forms and seek a future built on common values as one american people. trump making it clear he is not changing his tone in an interview with our very own john
2:44 am
roberts. >> do you think you need to turn your campaign around? >> i think i am doing good. nobody has ever had crowds like that. >> you have enthusiastic supporters? >> we will have to see. when i left wisconsin the last time it was over for trump. it was over. trump was not going to win and the primaries, then he went to new york one in land side. i have been there before. >> trump will start airing the first television ad since the primary. that will be begin on friday. >> you have heard this from donald trump time and time again. >> a rigged, rigged system. remember it. i said it first. >> i am not part of the corrupt system. in fact, the corrupt system is trying to stop me. >> is he right? cheryl casone here more with more on the concerns about online voting and how maybe
2:45 am
google could be helping oh you tell. >> 26 states in the district of columbia will allow some form of online voting whether it is cast on the web or sent via e-mail. that could open up to hackers. they are concerned about possible breeches. homeland security secretary jay johnson said his department will consider whether online voting should be reviewed. online voting seems to be safe but it could be great to hackers. google is rolling out a guide on how to vote. giving users a step by step introduction to users depending on their location. google is providing a summary box that will detail summary box whenever a user appears to be looking for that information.
2:46 am
of course google knows your location. he tells the associated press information that will reach voters that could be a conflict. this could add fuel to the trump campaign's assertion that the system is rigged. the gop nominee. it is here to stay the question is will it produce a fair vote come november. >> big question moving forward. >> we want to keep talking about online voting. could it be the future? is that future a good idea? log on to the facebook page after the show with a live debate with a hashtag keep talking. >> there could be a lot of shenanigans involved with that. >> what is the most free state in the land of the free? a study ranks 50 states based on personal and economic freedom. >> new hampshire nabs the top spot. the granite state is also one of
2:47 am
the best states in the country for gun rights. >> the least free right here in new york because of high taxes and rent corollas. >> high taxes, high rint. what are they talking about? >> it is time to check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends. you are talking about what could be the next benghazi? >> nobody is talking about afghanistan. the war has no end in sight. the president doesn't want to talk about it. remember that was the good war. we have a lot of contractors over there. there will be a story in about 25 minutes that talks about how they are worried about their security. they don't feel as though someone is watching their back. if they speak up they feel they will lose the contract and be told to leave the country. they need the money. they are in the middle of the project. they think they are doing good stuff. we are going to try to expose
2:48 am
that before disaster takes place. >> that is sad if that's the case. >> it will be interesting to see if they have asked for assist stance. >> i could give you the answer but that would ruin my tease. >> we know this. if you tried to call ainsley earhardt around 11:00 p.m. you would have gotten a voice mail. she did an exclusive behind the scenes at the hannity town hall. we will have that story. everyone stay dressed and stay home and watch us. >> thank you, brian. >> stay with us. xrcç&éíuv8f95]dxw[í[b4t!v[rb5d.>
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less than ten minutes before the top of the hour. curt schilling apparently wants
2:52 am
elizabeth warren's job. he's considering a run to unseat the massachusetts senator. >> i think she's a nightmare and i think that the left is holding her up as the second coming of hillary clinton, but lord knows we don't even need the first one. >> this comes after schilling was recently hired by espn. the network viewed his comments as, quote, offensive. new developments in the robbery of u.s. olympic swimmer ryan lochte and three of his teammates. rio police say their story just doesn't add up. lochte claims that they were robbed in a taxi by armed men pretending to be police while leaving a party. police say that they can't find the driver that they used or any other witnesses. are you getting ready to send your kids back to school? make sure they're packing the latest technology in their backpacks. bret larsson from fox news headlines 24/7 on sirius xm 115
2:53 am
joins us to look at the fwegear make your students make the grade. >> we're talking straight as. >> i love that. >> forget marvell notebooks and number 2 pencils. check this out. a portable blue tooth keyboard from logitech. kids can pair it with all of their devices. they can use it at home, bring it along for the ride, tap notes on their smartphone or tablet. that is tech 101. next up, the hp wireless all in one printer you can scan, you can print from your mobile devices and laptops. it would be nice to share it with your dorm mates if you want to. you can print out pictures. do the kids still do that? do they print out pictures? >> i don't think so, bret. you're getting old. >> they print out snap chat, that's what they do these days. >> exactly. >> check this out. this is a tablet from lenovo. it may make your kid the most popular in the dorm. it has a built-in projector.
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you can boost those movies on the wall and upset your floor manager. it will also let you surf the web. >> the priority, e-mail your parents. >> e-mail your parents. you have options when it comes to wearable. the smart watch is connected to iphones and android devices. you can customize the phone. you can avoid the freshman 15 by keeping an eye on your fitness. don't forget to call home if you're going away between skype unlimited cell phone minutes and the video calling, there's no excuse. >> no excuse. >> no excuse for you not to call your parents. >> you can be the coolest kid? school. >> i might get myself some of these. >> thanks, bret. >> thanks, bret. and a shout out to my sister who's a teacher in georgia. >> i love that. >> the time is 6 minutes to the top of the hour. wounded warriors robbed. who would steal special bikes from our nation's heroes?
2:55 am
>> taylor swift did something that would make your day. stay tuned to see her good deed. ♪ ♪ only an authentic property would suffice for jordan's bachelor party. i don't need a sword, i'm a firemaid. ding dong! i'm going to give this place a killer review. i don't know, i just always thought maybe my bachelor party would be a little less g-rated. wench! ahhh! ahhh hahaha... oooh!
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2:59 am
leaked it on social media. donald trump will be meeting with the fbi in a top secret location somewhere in new york city. pennsylvania's first democratic attorney general kathleen cane will officially resign her post after being convicted of perjury for leaking sealed documents. she blamed her staff for the scandal but the jury didn't buy it. time now for the good, the bad, the ugly. first, the good. a good deed from taylor swift. ♪ ♪ >> the pop singer donating $1 million to flood victims of louisiana and encouraging fans as well to help out. >> and next the bad. nearly $40,000 worth of specialized bikes meant to help our veterans stolen from the wounded warrior project. a 60 foot you haul carrying nine bikes in philadelphia was stolen. and the ugly.
3:00 am
a woman trashing a florida convenience store. the owner decided to lock the doors until police arrived. that's when she went over knocking over everything in sight. >> really what they call hangry. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> have a great day. bye-bye. good wednesday morning to you and your family. it's august 17th. i'm ainsley earhardt. breaking news from the campaign trail. overnight donald trump making big changes to his campaign elevating two new people to top positions. this as i go 101 to talk hillary,nce and a whole lot more in an exclusive interview. then a stunning report out about our airport security after this incident at jfk. watch. >> get down. get down. get down. >> why police now say they're


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